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What goes into our logo design process.

1. Turnaround time

We know your time is valuable. Upon payment, we will begin work immediately. You can expect your logo design within 7 days.

2. Research & Brainstorming

Hours are often spent on research. This is the time we invested in making your end result better. As we consider the complexity of the logo design, brainstorming can be one of the longest and most taxing stages in your logo design process.

3. Mockups/Concepts

This is a crucial step in the logo design process. Even though the mockups are simply a rough draft before your actual logo, there is no doubt mockups take a lot of time to develop into the final result.

4. Selection of concept

You land on the concept that you desire, and we begin work on your logo.

5. Delivery

After review and revisions, You will be given your new logo with all the rights and complete ownership ready for trademarking.

Additional expenses:

  • Purchase of rights to an image used in the logo
  • Purchase of rights to fonts used in the logo
  • 24-hour service: +$50
  • Revisions: After the agreed-on number of allowable revisions, should you still desire changes, you will be charged an hourly rate of $30

All additional expenses will be cleared by you, the client, prior to purchase.

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Every successful brand there is started with a good logo. Nowadays that the competition is tough and the media is at its peak, a good visual representation of your brand or company cannot be underestimated. Some people dismiss the importance of a good logo design thinking that it is quite expensive to avail of a logo design service. The truth is that it is not as costly as you think and it is even more convenient now as there are ready-made logos available online that you can get for a reasonable price. The best part is that you don’t need to wait a long time to be able to use the design.

Whether your business is big or small, you need a logo. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Exposure

The most powerful tool for advertisement is the business logo design. This is why it is highly recommended that you look for a logo designer to help you with your emblem even before you launch your business. A logo is most effective when launched together with the business.

Logos can be placed anywhere—flyers, cards, packaging materials, and even uniforms. This is why it is integral for every logo designer to come up with a design that looks great on almost any background. An advert can be as simple as placing your logo design on your business card and official documents. Even before anybody speaks of your business, the public has already formed its opinion about your brand with your logo.

2. Familiarity

Consumers easily become more comfortable with brands they are familiar with. Humans are a creature of habit and the more familiar your brand is, the more likely they’d come to your website for products and services. learn more about website design: Web Design Proof.

3. Identity

Just as important as your given name is to you, a company logo design goes hand in hand with the company name to create the brand identity. A logo design, as simple as it is, is your brand ID. Whenever people see it, people think about the products that you offer. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on a lot. Remember: Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Pop culture potential

In most cases, if a brand is popular, it’s a hit. Think about Nike and Starbucks. These two brands are more than just big names. Their logo designs are forever part of pop culture. If you are aiming for that kind of success, you need a logo.

A logo designer can help you design a logo that the public can easily identify with your business. A distinct logo design that has quality will convey a message that you take your business seriously. It’s very hard for customers to seek the services of a company with no identity or with a logo that looks amateurish. A quality logo design will get you far and will help you get ahead of the competition. Hire a professional logo designer and start thinking about your brand ID now.